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Terms & Conditions

We value your pet and want to ensure you that we will make every attempt to make your pet's grooming experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. During the grooming procedure, everyone's safety comes first, both the people and the animals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Terms & Conditions

Health, Medical Issues & Accidents: Health, Medical Issues & Accidents: Grooming can sometimes reveal a concealed medical condition or aggravate an existing one. Extra care will be taken when preforming any grooming procedures, however, owners must understand possible complaints can occur during and after the groom, including but not limited to: stress, skin irritations, abrasions, nicks, lacerations, ear infection, etc.

Although accidents are extremely rare when working with animals, they do occur. In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, you will be alerted. If we believe the situation is critical and the owner is unavailable, we will seek immediate veterinary care for your pet at the nearest veterinarian clinic.

The owner agrees not to hold Top Dog Grooming and its staff responsible for any injuries, ailments or conditions which could result from this grooming process.

Elderly Dogs: Extra care and patience will be taken with elderly dogs. However, if in our judgement your dog is showing any signs of stress or discomfort we hold the right to cancel or postpone the groom.

Bitches: If your dog is pregnant the groom will be refused. Grooming can add stress and may even cause miscarriage.

Authorisation from a Veterinarian in Case of a Medical Emergency: In the event of a medical emergency while in our care, this release grants us full authority to seek medical attention from the nearest vet clinic.

Vaccines: It is strongly advised that all pets be up to date on all vaccinations. Puppies can have their first groom two weeks after their second vaccinations. Any unvaccinated dog puts itself and others at risk.

Ticks & Fleas: We make every effort to be a flea-free environment. If fleas are to be found during your dog’s groom this will incur an additional charge from £20 depending on the size of the dog. This additional charge will cover a flea shampoo for your dog that will kill any fleas present. We will also need to treat the premises for any fleas.

Refusal of Services for Dangerous or Aggressive Animals: At any time, we reserve the right to refuse any service. We reserve the right to refuse grooming services, suspend grooming services, or cancel grooming services at any time before, during, or after grooming, and the client will be charged a grooming fee if your pet is too agitated or becomes unsafe to groom (for what was done up until that point).

Muzzles are Used: Muzzling your pet is very harmless, and it protects both the pet and the groomer. Muzzling a scared animal can sometimes even calm it down, allowing the grooming process to continue. If your pet continues to be harmful, we reserve the right to terminate grooming services at any time and charge a service fee. We don't muzzle unless your pet specifically requests it. Other techniques of calming your pet are explored first, and muzzling is only used as a last resort. Dogs who require muzzling or additional employees to manage will be charged at a higher fee than usual. This is due to the fact that grooming aggressive or frightened dogs takes significantly longer.

Interruptions During Grooming Services: It is requested that you do not interrupt the groomer during grooming services for the safety of the animals being groomed as well as the professional pet groomer. Every attempt will be taken to groom your pet as safely as possible, but continuing to work on an eager pet can be dangerous. Please do not return to the salon until you have received a phone call from us informing you that your pet is ready. In order for your dog to properly respond to the groom, it is essential that your dog be alone with the groomer and the owner will not assist with the groom unless prior agreement has been made.

Matted Coats: Animals with matted coats need special attention. Mats in an animal's coat can become so tight that they harm and tear the skin, providing a breeding ground for parasite infestations. By de-matting, we will not cause your pet any major or unnecessary stress. Mats can be tough to remove and may need shaving the pet. Please note, shaving matted areas can cause Haematomas, redness, clipper rash and can uncover scabs and warts that if caught may bleed. Heavy matting can also trap moisture and urine near the pet's skin, causing mold, fungus, or bacteria to grow and cause skin irritations that were not present previous to brushing. Itching, skin redness, self-inflicted irritations or abrasions, and hair failure are all possible side effects of mat removal techniques. Pets may also experience short behavioural changes in some situations. Grooming visits should be scheduled every 4-8 weeks for the best defence. By signing this release form, you realise that your pet may need to be shaved to remove matting, and that you understand the risks involved. This method will incur an additional fee because it is time intensive and causes additional wear and tear on grooming equipment.

Cancellations/ No Shows/ Late Collections: Please give 48hrs notice if you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment to allow us time to fill your slot. Cancellations with less then 48hrs notice will be required to pay 50% of their appointment cost and no shows and on the day cancellations will be required to pay 100% of their grooming cost.  If you are going to be late for your appointment for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. Grooming appointments will be held for 15 minutes after the stated drop-off time. Appointments that are more than 15 minutes late may be cancelled due to high demand. Please be on time to collect your dog, if you are unable to make the agreed collection time please call to inform us. As we work one to one with each dog, collecting your dog late has an impact on our schedule & our clients. Late collections over 15 minutes will be required to pay a £5 charge on top of their grooming fee.

Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. If you are dissatisfied with your groom for any reason, please contact us within 24 hours and we will organise a time for you to return for a free adjustment at the next available time.

Photographs: By signing this release form, you give us permission to photograph your pet for use in customer files, as well as for the company's website and Facebook page.

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